Musée d'histoire naturelle du parc national de Miguasha

To see and experience

Get ready to explore a Gaspé peninsula very different from the one we know today. You’ll be fascinated by the magnificent fossils showcased in a exhibition that takes you far, far back in time, to the “Age of Fishes,” some 380 million years ago. Meet your ancient ancestors and follow them through the sands of time and evolution.

Say hello to Elpi, the King of Miguasha! The fossil of Elpistostege watsoni (or Elpi to those in the know), just recently unearthed at Miguasha, could be the remains of our closest finned relative. This exceptional discovery, the only one of its kind, received immediate worldwide acclaim. Starting this summer, visitors can see this evidence of evolution of life on Earth, brought to light for the first time in 380 million years!

Don't miss the chance to head down to the shores of Chaleur Bay and see the fossil-bearing cliff. Let our guide explain its secrets. A footpath with interpretation panels also leads you through the wonderful story of life on Earth.

A unique gift shop and restaurant for a unique site
Step into the lovely restaurant-terrace for some delicious local fare: crab, shrimp, smoked salmon or lobster. The gift shop is overflowing with unusual local items made from natural materials, including semiprecious stones. You’ll also find plenty of informative books on the natural sciences.

Musée d'histoire naturelle du parc national de Miguasha
231 route Miguasha Ouest
Nouvelle (Quebec) | G0C 2E0
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