Musée maritime de Charlevoix

To see and experience

Learn about the history of the St. Lawrence schooners in an all-new permanent exhibition.

Explore various highlights and exhibitions around the site, including a thematic building, the sawmill, the stores, the workshop, the winch and skid, and even some boats that earned their retirement after many years of service! It’s a tremendous opportunity to delve into the history of navigation and understand the contribution these schooners made to Quebec’s economic development.

The schooner Marie Clarisse, classified as part of Quebec’s cultural property, is an oceangoing sailboat approximately 40 m in length. Explore and learn about the history of this boat, built in 1923 and brought out of service in 2014. Take a close look at the schooner in all her splendor, discover her nooks and crannies, and immerse yourself in a bygone era.

Visiting with kids? Let them lead the way, on a treasure hunt filled with games, riddles and boatloads of fun.

Climb aboard two of the last relics of the St. Lawrence coastal trade: the Jean-Yvan and Saint-André schooners, both built using traditional methods. Get a look at shipboard life, the carpenters’ trade, the springtime launch, fall drydocking and more … just like in the good old days.

And why not join the crew of the Félicia, a 1923 tugboat, for a while? You’ll be assigned some important chores in the machine room, wheelhouse, crew’s quarters or communications room!

All Aboard!
Right near the Museum, you can hop aboard the train that runs between the St. Lawrence and the mountains, from Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive and Baie-Saint-Paul. Relax, sit back and don’t miss a minute of the breathtaking scenery.

Musée maritime de Charlevoix
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Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive (Quebec) | G0A 3Y0
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