To see and experience

Explore our touch ponds with our naturalist guides. What a treat to touch and hold odd creatures from the bottom of the sea: limpets, crabs, sea cucumbers, sea stars and more.

Our aquariums are home to fish that live at different depths and some astonishing creatures, including blue lobsters, frilled anemones, winter skates and jellyfish.

Are you looking for the tang of salty air? Come on a sea excursion and admire some breathtaking landscapes (even more splendid if a whale happens to surface nearby). You can help collect scientific data or haul in crab and whelk traps.

Explore the shoreline at low tide: pull on hip waders and follow the guide to learn about the plants and animals that live along the shore.

Interactive exhibitions offer a new look at the biodiversity of the ecosystems in the St. Lawrence and how humans interact with this “sea.” Have you ever tried to look at the world through a whale’s eyes? Your children will have a fun time hunting for treasure hidden deep beneath the waves.  

Looking for smarter seafood
Exploramer’s “Smarter Seafood” program certifies restaurants and fish stores that encourage sound management of marine resources by offering lesser-known species from the St. Lawrence, thereby decreasing overfishing of certain species. Look for the blue fork logo! Our La Mer à boire café-terrace offers a certified menu – try it and make some discoveries!  

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