The Société des musées du Québec invites you to experience the St. Lawrence River … and the museums that celebrate it.

The 15 museums presented here, located in Quebec City or farther east, are set on the St. Lawrence – a river that has seen so many people and ships, hopes and tragedies over the years.

Explore Quebec’s maritime heritage

Saltwater and freshwater fishermen, seal and whale hunters, lighthouse keepers, captains and mariners, shipbuilders … for centuries, even millennia, the St. Lawrence has been renowned for its bountiful waters and feared for its treacherous shoals. First Nations, Basques, Bretons, French, English and other immigrants … join them and set sail for some fascinating museum adventures. They’ll explain how their own history and that of Quebec as a whole is tied up with this mighty river.

Touch some living treasures

Anemones, sea cucumbers, sea stars, seals, belugas and other whales … beneath the surface of the St. Lawrence lie extraordinary biodiversity and stunningly beautiful ecosystems. At these museums you can see for yourself, thanks to touch ponds, multimedia shows, treks along the shore and more. Get ready for good times and lasting memories!

Exciting, fascinating museum experiences!

These imaginative and welcoming museums have devised some accessible and captivating activities for you. There are interactive exhibitions, workshops, demonstrations, dives far beneath the waves (while remaining perfectly dry), a very special night in a submarine, collections of whale skeletons, shipboard tours, and lots of other fun experiences.  All kinds of ways to breathe the salty sea air and spend some unforgettable moments with your family, on your own or with friends.

Care to go outside?

Culture and nature go hand in hand.Head out on the waves, or join a scientific expedition or a hike to see what you find along the shore. Even hop on your bike and set off on a superb bike trail! And when you’re ready for a REST, there are playgrounds and picnic areas to enjoy. In fact, you’ll find places to stop for a quick picnic and admire the view near many of these museums.

Fill up on omega-3

In addition to their gift shops, many of these museums have restaurants “anchored” next to the river. For a true St. Lawrence experience, you have to savour its fish and seafood while marvelling at the endless sunset.

So hoist your sails and set off in search of new and authentic experiences, fun, good times and the unexpected.


Bon voyage aboard these museums!


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