Stewart Museum

Summer 2020: get informed before visiting

The permanent exhibition, entitled History and Memory, leads you on a trip through time from Native prehistory up to the mid-19th century. Numerous items from the French Regime are featured, along with various themes: the Reformation and religious wars, daily life, navigation, the Industrial Revolution, the Patriotes Rebellion, and of course the history of St. Helen’s Island, itself a recognized heritage site.

Looking for an experience your children will love? The Museum offers two self-guided tours for families, with exploration booklets: one on animals, for children ages 4 to 6, and the other on clothing, for ages 7 to 10. They contain activities revolving around objects in the permanent exhibition, quizzes, riddles, hands-on fun, observation games and a dress-up trunk, sure to delight visitors of all ages!

Be sure to leave time for a look at the Montréal,A Walled City interactive model. Video clips based on images in the Museum’s collections will whisk you back to the Montréal of 1750, with its fortifications, winding streets, old buildings, historic figures and residents.

Would you like to know more about New France? The Museum offers Guided group tours of its exhibition, by appointment. You’ll hear all about the perilous Atlantic crossing, colonization, the fur trade, daily life and the Conquest.

The Glass tower of the Arsenal offers a remarkable view of Montréal, and is a great way to reach the Museum’s second level.

An island of fun!
The Stewart Museum is located in Jean Drapeau Park, an enchanting natural setting perfect for picnics, swimming, walking, cross-country skiing and a variety of cultural events.

Musée Stewart
20 chemin Tour-de-l'Isle
Montréal (Quebec) | H3C 0K7
T 514 861-6701

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