Château Ramezay — Historic Site and Museum of Montréal

To see and experience

Stroll through the 18th century in the splendid salle de Nantes and admire the mahogany woodwork, and explore the Governor's Kitchen with its charming vaulted ceiling. Native pottery, portraits of notables, furniture, medals, everyday items … all tell of the events and people who shaped the colony’s destiny.

Why was the Château built? Was it altered over the years? Who lived there? Its owners, architects and employees will answer all these questions and more during a multimedia tour, available in six languages!

Near the entrance or during a guided tour, in the garden or the exhibitions, costumed guides and historical interpreters will introduce you to Montréal in the days of New France.

In the summer, there are free workshops on traditional techniques. Learn to spin wool, comb a fleece or make felt, guided by an expert.

Urban agriculture is nothing new! The Governor's garden, an oasis in the heart of Old Montréal, is a reminder that back in the 18th century every home had its own vegetable plot. Come take a sip from the fountain and admire the de Ramezays’ French-style garden!

Château Ramezay
280 rue Notre-Dame East
Montréal (Quebec) | H2Y 1C5
T 514 861-3708