Marguerite Bourgeoys Historic Site

To see and experience

Relive the epic life of Montreal's first teacher with the Meet Marguerite exhibition: an invitation to rediscover a historic figure and also a woman of action whose accomplishments have had a huge impact. 

The history of the neighbourhood, the Bonsecours site and Marguerite’s own saga are all brought to life for those who want to experience Bonsecours with their smartphone.

Join a guided tour of the archaeological site underneath the chapel, where you can see impressive remains, including the foundations of the first stone chapel, erected in 1675, and traces of the wooden palisade that made up the town’s fortifications in 1708.

Stop off and admire the Portrait of Marguerite Bourgeoys, painted in 1700 by Pierre Le Ber, and learn more about her fascinating story.

Climb the stairs of the chapel tower and join the angels flanking the giant statue of the Virgin Mary. You can enjoy Old Montréal’s loftiest view and compare the city with the town in days gone by, as you salute the courage of the men and women who dared to cross the ocean and settle in New France.

Site historique Marguerite-Bourgeoys
400 Saint-Paul East
Old Montréal (Quebec) | H2Y 1H4
T 514 282 8670

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