L'îlot des Palais, historic and archaeological site

To see and experience

The immersive exhibition presented in the authentic 18th-century vaults tells the spellbinding story of this key site in Quebec’s capital city. Smart tables, artifacts and 2D and 3D projections make for a thrilling journey.

Come see some captivating sites: the Jean Talon brewery, the three Intendant’s palaces, the jail and the King’s store, not to mention the Boswell-Dow brewery.

Expect some surprises! You may well come across Egyptian amulets, a poodle skeleton, gun parts, lice combs and lots more.

Join in our virtual excavations on the site: you’ll see artifacts appear on your tablet right where they were found, and learn about what archaeologists do.

Come to think of it, where’s Marcel, the archaeologist? Grab your tablet and go looking for him in a fun quest game. He’ll lead you on a merry chase through Old Québec City and all the way to the Lower Town.

Ready for another challenge? Head out with a GPS this time, on a georally. And geocachers will be delighted with the superb collector’s geocoins on offer at the gift shop. History definitely doesn’t stand still at L'Îlot des Palais!

A taste of history!
Did you know that in the 18th century the Governor and Intendant of New France enjoyed treating their guests to a “service à l'ambigu,” the forerunner of today’s cocktail receptions? Ask about our Ambigus gastronomiques!

L’Îlot des Palais, site historique et archéologique
8 rue Vallière
Quebec City (Quebec) | G1K 6S9
T 418 692-1441

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