Interesting links

  • Seasons of New France

    Musée de la civilisation and Virtual Museum of Canada

    Virtual exhibition

    A virtual exhibition on the settlement of the territory, the colonists’ everyday lives and lifestyles and how knowledge was transmitted in the days of New France. 

  • Encyclopedia of French Cultural Heritage in North America

    Université Laval, in co-operation with numerous partners in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada, France and the United States

    Virtual encyclopedia

    Francophone communities in North America have an extraordinarily rich heritage. This truly encyclopedic site is full of articles, images and sounds and audiovisual documents to prove it!

  • The online McCord Museum collection

    McCord Museum

    Digital collection 

    Learn about New France in 160 images: everyday objects, archival documents, maps, prints and paintings and more.

  • France in America

    The US Library of Congress, in partnership with the Bibliothèque nationale de France

    Digital library

    This digital library lets you flip through rare books, maps, prints and other documents illuminating the French presence in North America, from the early 16th to the late 19th century.

  • Mémoires Amérique française

    Commission franco-québécoise sur les lieux de mémoire communs


    Many museums in both France and Quebec house collections on French America. This site showcases some of their finest exhibits.

  • New France: New Horizons

    Direction des Archives de France, Library and Archives Canada and the Canadian Embassy in Paris


    This portal boasts a virtual exhibition and over one million images to explore!