MNS2 - Musée de la nature et des sciences de Sherbrooke

To see and experience

Amidst the impressive decor of the AlterAnima exhibition, observe some 500 taxidermic specimens from the Museum’s collection, which have been simulated to roar, sing, and roll on the floor. Tablet in hand, select your virtual guide: a passionate biologist, a mischievous night watchman, or an eco-conscious woman familiar with biodiversity issues. For all ages.

Exploring nature also means understanding its geological formations. Observe the forces of nature at work through the Terra mutantès multisensory show. Seemingly cross through merging lava fields. Witness the birth of the Appalachians. Observe the melting of the glaciers. Maybe even influence the course of history! A dynamic experience that’ll surely enhance your love of Eastern Township landscapes.

Get behind the scenes by reserving a special visit of the Museum’s reserves, in which over 65,000 taxidermic specimens are conserved. A foray into the biodiversity of Québec… and of the world!

MNS2 - Musée de la nature et des sciences de Sherbrooke
225 rue Frontenac
Sherbrooke (Quebec) | J1H 1K1
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