To see and experience

What occurs in the darkest depths of the Saint Lawrence River estuary, and the Gulf? Observe some 60 species in approximately 20 aquariums. Touch pools enable you to have an even closer look, while reaching out and touching some of our riverbank invertebrates, including sea cucumbers, crabs, starfish, and Northern Moonsnail.

Aboard the JV Exploramer zodiac, get a taste for fishing through hauling whelk traps and learning to handle crab without having your fingers pinched. Or even take on the role of oceanographer by assisting with data collection, plankton sampling, and a lobster trap lift. You’ll never look at the Saint Lawrence the same way again!

Navigation log in hand, embark on the enjoyable Dare to Taste challenge as a family, in order to resolve some of the food provision mysteries of the Saint Lawrence.

Ready to don a pair of waders and hit the shoreline? Walk as far as the fyke nets, catch some fish, then help release them, of course.

Dare to Taste!

This tasting activity proposes a menu consisting of 5 of the numerous responsible food offerings of the Saint Lawrence, including dried kelp, redfish, Stimpson’s surf clam, and common whelk. Such species are valued by Exporamer’s reputed Smarter Seafood program.

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