Mount Royal Park (Friends of the Mountain)

To see and experience

Enjoy a warm welcome at Smith House! This magnificent residence was acquired by the city when Mount Royal Park was created in 1872. There’s a cute café, a well-stocked gift shop, and an exhibition that compares park designer Frederick Law Olmsted’s vision with the way park-goers see the mountain. Everything from snaps by famous photographer William Notman to Instagram favs are also on display as part of Les amis de la montagne’s photo collection. And head to the basement to learn about the mountain from the bottom up and explore Montreal’s geological history.

“Can we go to the mountain today?” Yes we can! Play, slide, skate, ski, walk, pedal, run, and more! Nature’s only a bus ride away. Or take your bike if you want a real workout!

Lace up your hiking boots or strap on your snowshoes for one of the many guided hikes on offer. They’re perfect for getting (back) in shape and discovering the secrets of Mount Royal’s history, fauna, flora, and geology.

Take part in a conservation project like tree planting with Les amis de la montagne or Feeder Watch, a winter program that monitors North American bird populations. And don’t forget to do your part each year on the first Sunday of May at the Mount Royal Clean-Up.

Maison Smith
1260, chemin Remembrance
Montreal (Quebec) | H3H 1A2
T 514 843-8240, ext. 0