Centre de la Biodiversité du Québec

To see and experience

Take a Journey to the Bottom of the St. Lawrence, from the Great Lakes all the way to the Atlantic. This 360° projection highlights the river’s biodiversity and explains how tides work. Then, in the H2O room and its aquariums, observe a variety of fish species and one very special turtle.

As night falls on the forest, nature’s powers are unleashed! Children and grown-ups alike will get a thrill out of Echoes of Origins, an intriguing, interactive adventure that’s playful, scientific and artistic all at once!Using a high-tech “branch” and accompanied by a mysterious guide, your group will be tasked with figuring out what’s threatening the St. Lawrence Valley’s biodiversity in order to save the heritage of the Champlain Sea that once covered it.

Both indoors and out, you’ll see (and sometimes even touch) animals that could no longer survive in the wild. And be sure to take part in an observation rally that’ll have you exploring the Mont‑Bénilde forest trails, on foot or on snowshoes.

Musée de la Biodiversité du Québec
1800, avenue des Jasmins
Bécancour (Quebec) | G9H 2S2
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