Biosphère - Espace pour la vie

To see and experience

Childhood memories flood back, sunlight dapples the forest, and breathtaking northern lights dance across the sky in Design the Future, an immersive 360˚ sensory journey that probes our relationship with nature.

How can we predict what temperatures will be 100 years from now? Why is there such a buzz around global warming? Scientists answer these questions and more in + 1°C: What difference does it make?

This is not an Umbrella offers up a deluge of information on a classic topic of conversation, the weather. Learn just about everything there is to know about weather patterns and events and why it’s so tough to forecast them.

Guided outdoor activities provide an opportunity to reconnect with nature, learn about important environmental issues, and get tips on how to protect the environment and reduce your ecological footprint.

Green since ‘95! The Biosphere has always featured innovative facilities and infrastructure, including green roofs with active beehives; an indoor garden evoking a pond, bog, and mixed forest; wind turbines; filtering marshes; geothermal energy; and more!

Biosphère - Espace pour la vie
160, chemin Tour-de-l'Isle
Île Sainte-Hélène, Montreal (Quebec) | H3C 4G8
T 514 283-5000
T 1 855 518-4506 (toll-free)

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