Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal Archaeology and History Complex

To see and experience

Projected onto an incredible immersive set, the multimedia show Generations MTL is a must-see introduction to the city’s history during which six Montrealers will tell you all about their Montréal.

Go underground to explore remains and artifacts unearthed during digs conducted before the Museum opened, along with a giant model and virtual historic figures. The Crossroads Montréal exhibition will lead you through six centuries of history.

In 1701, Louis-Hector de Callière, Governor of New France, and 39 First Nations chiefs gathered on Callière Point to sign a treaty putting an end to nearly a century of conflict. Celebrate this important chapter in our history as you admire the gorgeous panoramic stained glass created by Nicolas Sollogoub and the sculpture in an outdoor square marking the Great Peace of Montréal.

Walk through the first collector sewer of Montréal in a mysterious sound-and-light environment that will lead you to Fort Ville-Marie. In the exhibition Where Montréal Began, you will walk in the footsteps of Montréal’s founders as you make your way across an impressive glass floor built over archaeological remains.

In late August, follow in the footsteps of Montrealers of yore and do your shopping in Place Royale, at the 18th-Century Public Market, where you’ll find overflowing stalls, craftspeople, musicians, historic figures… and a First Nations encampment.

Does someone in your family have what it takes to be an archaeologist? Bring the kids to the archeo-adventure workshop and pick up your trowels, whisks, and pencils! What do you think you’ll find? 

In a new exhibition and activity space just for families, learn about the day-to-day lives of the Iroquoians who lived in longhouses and cultivated corn along the St. Lawrence River.

Have you been to the Museum Shop?
Located on the second floor of the Mariners’ House – National Bank Building, the Museum Shop is where you’ll find First Nations art, decorative accessories, original jewellery, books and games to fascinate children, attractive books on history and archaeology!

Pointe-à-Callière, cité d’archéologie et d’histoire de Montréal
350 Place Royale
Old Montréal (Quebec) | H2Y 3Y5
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