The Native Museum of Mashteuiatsh

To see and experience

Our exhibit Tshilanu Ilnuatsh (We, the Ilnuatsh) offers an immersive approach that transports the visitor into the way of life of the Pekuakamiulnuatsh (Ilnuatsh of Lac Saint-Jean) and through the seasons. Ancient and contemporary objects, recordings and textures, works of art, information panels: these elements allow a better exploration and understanding of culture.

Helped by one of our craftpeople, make your own handcrafted creation and learn more about its history and meaning !

Our interpretive trail of approximately 250 meters offers an immersive experience into the boreal forest. Whether accompanied by one of our interpretative guides, you will learn more about the indigenous flora of the Saguenay-Lac-SaintJean region and its importance in the way of life of the Pekuakamiulnuatsh. Visitors also get to discover the wide variety of plants and trees of the boreal forest along with their uses and properties.

Our giftshop is the best way to get a souvenir of your visit ! You will find a selection of local crafts, regional products and books

Uashassihts, a traditional stopping and gathering place
The Uashassihtsh (“Little Bay”) cultural transmission site, on a magnificent setting on the shore of Lake Pekuakami, hosts a First Nations great gathering in mid-July every year. The event recalls and continues the traditional summer meetings where different peoples came to socialize and share. You can take part in this celebration, too, and chat with artisans who are proud of their age-old culture.   

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