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To see and experience

As you stroll through the First Nations Garden, leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind to get close to Mother Earth or take part in an activity led by a Native guide.  

Under a curved roof – where the ceiling looks like the underside of a canoe you might be portaging – the knowledge and know-how exhibition will introduce you to some creations by Native artists and master craftspeople: ash splint baskets, caribou antler tools, a birchbark canoe, a tikinagan (baby carrier) and more.

Since autumn 2015, the popular Gardens of light event is even more magical, as the First Nations Garden is illuminated, along with the Chinese and Japanese Gardens! For First Nations and Inuit people, the night is full of dreams and sometimes devious spirits. Come experience it for yourself and share the respect that Native people feel for the forces of nature.

In summer, awaken your senses as you stretch out in a tent and listen to legends on a pallet of fir boughs with a storyteller, musician or singer. Or simply enjoy the peace and quiet as you relax and inhale the sweet fragrance.  

A peat bog is a strange and fascinating place full of plants that grow without roots. Visit the Garden’s bog and take part in “Earth that Grows,” the Boreal Forest Muskeg, an activity where you can learn some of the secrets of this age-old plant community and pick up some ancient Native know-how.  

“How about a trip to the garden?”
Your friends or family are sure to want to join you, over and over again. For the Montréal Botanical Garden is full of so many delights to experience. Trees, shrubs, flowers, scents, sparrows, ducks, sunshine and warmth or even snow await you, along with a fascinating program of activities that changes with the seasons.   

Jardin botanique | Espace pour la vie
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