La Maison amérindienne

To see and experience

Stroll along the maple interpretation trail, step into the vegetable patch, where you can see the Iroquois "Three Sisters” – corn, beans and pumpkins – growing together and helping one another, and visit the wild berry garden, sure to whet your appetite … For the Native meal you reserved before heading out?

Long before Europeans arrived, Natives had discovered how tasty and sweet maple sap could be. Visit the permanent exhibition and learn all about traditional maple syrup making.

In the Salon Riopelle, you can admire artwork and other objects donated to the museum by painter Jean-Paul Riopelle, who was a great outdoor enthusiast and faithful friend of the museum and of the First Nations.  

There are all kinds of fascinating activities to keep you coming back all year long.

  • Fascinated by New France? During the fur trade fair re-enactment, tents and tipis are pitched in the maple stand. Come meet a host of characters, from Natives to coureurs des bois, a tanner, shoemaker, herbalist, candlemaker, innkeeper, habitant farmer...  
  • Once the mercury drops and the trees are ablaze with their fall colours, reserve for a very special Native meal. Learn how the recipe for the cassoulet you’ll be served might well have been invented by the Iroquoians of the Richelieu Valley, who used to simmer beans and duck in clay pots!  

Maple... a feast for the eyes and the taste buds
The Maison amérindienne manages a unique urban maple stand and showcases maple-related Native traditions. Come celebrate sugaring-off time at the museum or stop in at the café for a delicious slice of sugar pie! 

La Maison amérindienne
510 Montée des Trente
Mont-Saint-Hilaire (Quebec) | J3H 2R8
T 450 464-2500