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The decidedly contemporary This Is Our Story. First Nations and Inuit in the 21st Century exhibition is an exceptional encounter with the eleven First Nations in Quebec: the Atikamekw Nehirowisiwok (Attikameks), Waban-Aki (Abenakis), Anishinabeg (Algonquins), Innus (Montagnais), Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawks), Huron-Wendats, Wolastoqiyik (Malecites), Eeyou (Crees), Mi’gmaq (Micmacs), Naskapis and Inuit. Over 400 items, projections on a huge screen, audiovisuals and aboriginal artwork invite visitors to explore Who We Are Today — The Reserve, Our Communities, Our Roots, A Time of Turmoil — Colonization, Decolonization — Healing, and What Are Our Dreams for the Future? It’s an illuminating, fascinating experience, enhanced by an evocative poetic narrative, The Great Story, by young Innu author Naomi Fontaine, at six listening stations positioned throughout the exhibit.

Young visitors ages 8 to 12 will enjoy the interactive tour, with touch screens and a virtual guide, a Huron-Wendat boy named Yänariskwa, introducing them to the drums, snowshoes, animal and plant resources, clothing and moccasins and traditional medicine of the Huron-Wendats.

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