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The art of the First Nations Collection (late 19th century–mid-20th century) features Native artwork made from unusual materials including hides, bark, porcupine quills and cedar roots, with decorative details and production techniques that have evolved over the years.

The Inuit Art Collection (1900 to today), with its works made of ivory, soapstone, fur and bone, focuses on the evolution from symbolic, traditional Eskimo art to contemporary Inuit art.

The Gallery organizes about ten temporary exhibitions each year, showcasing contemporary, recognized or emerging Inuit and First Nations artists and artisans.

It offers guided tours of thecollections and gallery, along with workshops and lectures. Check it out!

The gift shop offers an impressive selection of unique objects and works of art by Canadian artists and artisans. They make original gift ideas!

Collective heritage 
The archives hold a variety of documents on the history of the Guild, First Nations and Inuit art and Canadian arts and crafts. They preserve an important part of our Native and ethnocultural artistic and cultural heritage. In addition, they document the role played by the Guild’s founders and those who have come after them in encouraging and promoting crafts in Canada and Inuit and First Nations art.   

La Guilde
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