Abenaki Museum

To see and experience

The multimedia show on the Abenaki creation myth will introduce you to their cosmogony. Let yourself dream and be carried away.

The permanent exhibition, Wobanaki, People of the Rising Sun, takes you on a tour of the history, ancestral lifestyle and know-how of the Abenaki, following the seasons and lunar cycles. And don’t miss the fascinating temporary exhibitions.

The fun interactive workshops in the Wawizid educational program will introduce you to the Abenaki worlds of yesterday and today, guided by the cycle of thirteen moons.

Near the Museum, you can stroll along the Tolba interpretation trail, dedicated to the turtle. You’ll enjoy learning about Abenaki medicinal plants and the wildlife around the river.

Archaeological digs have turned up over 3,000 artifacts and confirmed the location of a fortified site from the early days of the colony. Relive the Odanak Fort: The Past Revisited project thanks to the microsite on the Museum website!

The perfect gift
Before you leave the Museum, check out the Kiz8bak (“Daylight”) gift shop. You’ll be impressed by the vast selection of First Nations arts and crafts from far and near. The splendid Abenaki ash baskets are only one example. 

Musée des Abénakis
108 rue Waban-Aki
Odanak (Quebec) | J0G 1H0
T 450 568-2600

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