Interesting links

  • Nunavik Tourism Association 

    Nunavik Tourism Association

    Tourism site

    Resources to help you better understand Inuit history, lifestyle and traditions and the cultural, tourism and adventure activities and products available north of the 55th parallel. 

  • Avataq Cultural Institute

    Avataq Cultural Institute

    Cultural institute

    The Avataq Cultural Institute is devoted to protecting and promoting the Nunavik Inuit language and culture.  

  • Le Montréal des Premières Nations

    City of Montréal - Centre d'histoire de Montréal


    This French-language guide, produced in 2011, brings together a variety of information for a better understanding of the past and present of Native communities in the Montréal region. 

  • Nametau innu. Memory and knowledge of Nitassinan

    Musée régional de la Côte-Nord

    Virtual museum

    The site, designed to help transmit Innu culture, takes visitors on a tour of this community’s territory, history, material and spiritual culture and language. 

  • National Film Board of Canada, Aboriginal peoples section

    National Film Board of Canada


    See a selection of films by Aboriginal artists and documentaries on Aboriginal themes. 

  • Secrétariat aux affaires autochtones du Québec

    Quebec government

    Government site

    The site of the organization responsible for relations between Natives and the Quebec government, where you’ll find portraits of Quebec’s Aboriginal nations and a map of the different communities.

  • Tourisme autochtone Québec (EN)

    Quebec Aboriginal Tourism

    Official tourism site

    Quebec Aboriginal Tourism introduces you to all the riches of Quebec’s 11 Aboriginal nations and a multitude of traditional and contemporary tourism experiences.