The Société des musées du Québec invites you to enter the world of the First Peoples.

Did you know that Quebec is home to ten Amerindian nations and one Inuit nation? Up north, the Inuit have 14 different villages. Farther south, the Abenakis (Waban-Aki), Algonquins (Anishinabeg), Attikameks (Atikamekw), Crees (Eeyou), Huron-Wendats, Montagnais (Innus), Malecites (Wolastoqiyik), Micmacs (Mi’gmaq), Mohawks (Kanien’kehá:ka) and Naskapis live in several dozen communities. This is your chance to explore their history, their relationship with the material and spiritual worlds and their lifestyles with different museum experiences!

Stories spanning thousands of years

The First Nations and Inuit, as the earliest inhabitants of this land, knew it intimately. They tamed a natural world both hostile and generous, devised all kinds of inventions, created unique art forms … They amassed a heritage shaped over millennia and a rich history, passing down their knowledge orally and adapting it from generation to generation.

... and a very vibrant present

These proud storehouses of cultural identity waiting for you to visit are brought to life by Native experiences and stories. As you listen to the words of elders and young people, you’ll learn about their evolving daily lives, their accomplishments and their aspirations. You’ll be impressed by the creative vitality of their communities!

Exciting, fascinating MUSEUM EXPERIENCES!

In addition to admiring the ethnographic exhibits and traditional or contemporary artwork, you can fully appreciate Native cultural wealth through a variety of approaches and activities for all ages: interactive tours, multimedia screenings, workshops, demonstrations, games, guided tours, virtual exhibitions, discovery packages and more. You can even take part in archaeological digs and contribute to advancing knowledge about the past!

Are you a nature lover?

Step inside a tent and listen to legends. Learn the secrets of an Iroquoian garden. Stroll through a maple stand. Listen to a babbling river. Spend the night in a longhouse in a palisaded village. If it’s snowing, pull on your snowshoes and work up an appetite for some traditional fare. All these unique celebrations of the natural world are waiting for you, under the sun or the stars.

New France was founded on energy, inventiveness and hospitality – qualities that are alive and well today, and these museums are proud and happy to share them with you.

ABut above all...

The First Nations and Inuit invented trade networks and have always emphasized the importance of hospitality and the well-being of the group. Let them welcome you in turn. The guides, often Natives themselves, will usher you into these inspiring, welcoming worlds and make you want to explore even further. For what could be better than learning, experiencing and making new friends?

Consider yourself invited. Now drive, bike, pedal, paddle or fly away in search of new and authentic experiences, the unexpected, fun and good times!


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